August Updates

Algebra 1 -

Back at it!!! For the first month of this year the Algebra 1 students will be working on reviewing some material from last year. This first chapter will get them even more prepared for the rigors of Algebra 1. After completing the review chapter, the students will begin a chapter on expressions, equations, and functions.


Algebra 2 -

Here we go! In the month of August students can expect to get thrown right into complex mathematics. We will start with a brief review chapter before getting into working with equations and inequalities.


Geometry -

Geometry students will jump right into Chapter 1 Tools of Geometry in the first month of school. They will be dealing with concepts that include points, lines, planes, and angles.


Caclulus -

Calculus students will dive into a world of brand new and complex mathematical systems in August. This first month will focus on the basics of Calculus and what goes into creating this area of mathematics. After a brief review period, students will start Chapter 1: Limits and Their Properties.


PreCalculus -

During the month of August student will be working on reviewing materials learned in Algebra 2 to better prepare them for the math to come. We will then begins learning about functions from a Calculus perspective.


7th Grade Math -

Welcome to 7th Grade Math! In this first month, the students will become familiar with a new teacher, new teaching style, and new responsibilities. We will focus on organization and classroom behavior to begin the year while learning about number sense, patterns, and algebraic thinking.