December Updates

Algebra 1 -

Algebra 1 students be finishing up their “Real Money” Projects and presenting them in class the week of December 10th. After the presentations the students will begin to work on reviewing for their semester test.


Algebra 2 -

Students are working on mastering concepts involving Polynomials and Polynomial Functions. They will be finishing that on December 14. The students will then be working on studying for their semester test.


Geometry -

Students are finishing up working on Proportions and Similarity concepts and are looking to start working on the first part of their semester test.


8th Grade Math -

8th graders are just concluding a chapter on Multi-Step Equations and Inequalities and will starting a project that will help them review for the upcoming semester test.


PreCalculus -

PreCalculus students are diligently working on learning about systems of equations and matrices.


7th Grade Math -

7th grade students are continuing to work on their Dream House Project. They will be starting their presentations on December 11th. They will then begin working on reviewing for their semester test.