March Updates

Algebra 1 -

In March, the Algebra 1 class will be focusing their mathematical talents on quadratic functions. Between factoring, solving, and graphing quadratic functions, the Algebra 1 students will be extremely busy.


Algebra 2 -

The month of March in Algebra 2 will focus on rational equations and functions. The students will have the opportunity to solve and graph complex rational functions.


Geometry -

In March, the Geometry class will be working on a project involving the DESMOS graphing calculator (see my main page) and circles. They will also be starting a unit on areas of polygons and circles.


8th Grade Math -

3-D shapes will be the focus of the 8th grade students this month. The students will have the opportunity to identify and work with various 2-D and 3-D shapes in and around the school. They will be asked to final surface area and volume of these shapes as part of the math unit.


PreCalculus -

The PreCalculus class will be finishing up a unit on Trigonometric Identities in March. They will then be starting a unit involving matrices.


7th Grade Math -

7th grade students will create 3-D cities (on paper) as a lead into learning about geometric figures. There will also be projects involving blueprints, shapes, and area/perimeter calculations.