E-books in the Library

E-books in the library.  We have some  e-book titles that students may borrow.  Each service has different options available to students.  Some titles have the option of allowing students to either read the book, have it read to them or a student can read along with the e-book, to help with fluency and comprehension.  Books have a glossary and some questions for discussion so they are an excellent source.

Below are a listing of the various e-book sources we have for students.

Junior Library Guild. These are e-books that your stream (like Netflix) or if you have an Apple device you can download. Books in this collection rotate on a monthly basis. More than one person can borrow these books at a time.


Username: Hettinger Password: Hettinger

Capstone books for Elementary students.


The user name is hettinger and the password is read.

Overdrive for all levels

The library has also subscribed recently to a FREE e-book service for our students.  Below is the link to this e-book service, the students will sign in using the letter “p” and their lunch number.

Overdrive for Hettinger Public Schools

Students can “check out materials from this site for 14 days and then it will go away.


As always I encourage all students, teachers and parents to read every day!