HHS to Perform “Strangers” As Their One-Act Play for Competition by Director/ Coach Ms. Jeri Dunn The high school drama team, currently composed of twenty-five students, will have been working for six weeks on the one-act play they are readying for the Region X Competition at Dickinson State University on Wednesday, November 7, 2018. The fantastic play was just published in 2016 and written by Wade Bradford for an adult community theater. It is a large number of individual scenes, encompassing the lives of two characters between the ages of zero and ninety eight. You will watch as they ‘mature’ before your eyes, but you will also notice that they don’t really “know” each other, even though they have crossed paths numerous times. The parallels that they encounter from their earlier lives to their aging lives are cleverly portrayed—some are subtle, but the others are obvious and profound. Therefore, they remain ‘strangers’ for a long time . . .

What its about and who is in it.

The play stars Emily Shirek as Jennifer and Ty Warbis as Jeff. Together they have two-thirds of the speaking lines in the entire one-act. The rest of the cast portrays people they meet, have relationships with, or ones who have been with them throughout their development as characters. The play is mostly a comedy, but the touches of drama are poignant and heart-touching as they go through loss and other changes. Other cast and crew members are as follows by class and alphabetical order: seniors Kyle Burwick, Anna Kludt, and Kalyn Schalesky; juniors Mason DeFoe, Joslyn Ebert, Madelyn Larson, Sam Munoz, Miami Pekas, Kelby Pemberton, and Carolyn Schultz; sophomores Tatum Fitch, Katrina Poss, Sidra Sadowsky, and Kaden Schauer; freshmen Nick Berry, Alex Dupper, Ivory Hanson-Oliver, Anna Havelka, Heidi Larson, Paris Ross, Naomi Salazar, Peyton Tuhy and Cade Warbis.

Times and Admission

Because of regional volleyball tournament and other activities, we have had to schedule our dress rehearsal as a public performance on Sunday evening at 7:00 p.m. We aren’t charging admission but would greatly appreciate a free-will donation. The school and other public performance can be only on Tuesday at 12:45 p.m. because of the cast members in volleyball. Friends and family are welcome to attend either or both performances. Admission on Tuesday will be $1 per student and $2 per adult. Activity tickets are not honored for play performances. Superintendent Moser has approved the play for grades 7-12. Please attend if you can, support our cast, and wish them well at the competition, knowing that it is also open to the public.