On July 1, 2017, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) became the official law of the land. North Dakota received approval on our State ESSA Plan on September 1, 2017. This new federal law will greatly impact education in America. Listed below are critical elements to review within North Dakota’s State ESSA Plan.

ESSA Training Opportunities – It will be critical for all North Dakota educators to have an understanding of how our ESSA plan will impact education in our state. Multiple ESSA presentations will be given at the following professional development events this fall.  Register now!

  • NDDPI Fall Educators Conference
  • AdvancED Conference
  • NDCEL Fall Conference

College Ready English and Math (CREAM)– CREAM helps to ensure that all North Dakota students are “choice ready” upon graduation. Learn more about how CREAM can be an amazing opportunity for high school seniors.

Student Engagement-Under ESSA, all states must include a non-academic indicator in their accountability system.Access additional information regarding our North Dakota selected indicator: student engagement.

School Improvement-North Dakota will have a new school improvement framework for all public schools under ESSA. In addition, review how selected schools will receive additional support as outlined in our state ESSA plan.

Effective/Ineffective Teaching Reporting– Under ESSA, states must report on effective/ineffective teachers. A reporting process, beginning in the fall of 2017 has been established.

Choice Ready– Choice Ready is a new component in the North Dakota accountability system to measure whether our high schools produce students that are ready for success upon graduation.

School Dashboard/Reporting– The AYP reports under NCLB are gone and replaced with a dashboard for all public schools in the state. Learn more about accountability reporting under ESSA.

High School Assessment/ACT Option– Under ESSA, there is flexibility to allow high schools to administer a locally – selected, nationally – recognized high school assessment in lieu of the North Dakota State Assessment. Access a memo providing details and information on an upcoming webinar.

GED– North Dakota’s State ESSA Plan includes giving credit for GED completions. Learn more about how GEDs will be used in North Dakota’s accountability system.

English Learners– ESSA places a strong focus on the proficiency of English Learners. Review supports for English Learners in our ESSA plan.

Assessment– North Dakota will have a new state assessment in the spring of 2018. Review details regarding assessment within our ESSA plan.

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